Fitted Carrying Cases for Small Electronics

“Yes, we have a case for that.”

Welcome to Western Case Company. 
We manufacture high quality, fitted Codura Nylon carrying cases for all types of

cell phones, handheld radios, GPS’s, firearms and other accessories

Why buy from Western Case Company?

Our product is better than anything you have seen on today’s market
for about the same price!! 

Once you try our cases you’ll never use anything else -
they are that good!!

We also have utility cases, shoulder holsters and chest packs designed
specifically for your needs.

Every item we sell is guaranteed to your complete satisfaction.  We offer
quality products and excellent customer service.  If you purchase one of our
items and are not completely satisfied, simply return it with our “no hassle”
guarantee or exchange it for the case that fits your needs.

If you can’t find what you need on our web site - contact us directly!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Need something else?
Let us get it for you.

We also sell cell phone accessories including car chargers, and pouches.

Contact us for help ordering.

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We now have a carrying case for the new iPhone!

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Last updated -  June 19, 2023

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